Automatic sorting system of blood collection tubes

MRA-SWS-1000 Series

It is applied to the sorting of incoming materials in hospitals or third-party inspection institutions. The sample tubes are automatically sorted to different test areas and connected to the information management system, greatly improving sorting efficiency and having no mistakes.

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Background Analysis

Hospitals or third-party medical institutions will receive thousands of samples every day, and each sample corresponds to a different test item. At present, the sorting is carried out by manual test and checking information on the tube wall, which is error-prone, and some samples have certain dangers. According to the actual situation and business requirements of clients, MEGAROBO can customize the fully automatic solution covering the test equipment in the later stage.

Pain Point Analysis

The operators need to check the scanning information of the blood sample tube, weigh it, and then put it into the corresponding test area according to the information system prompts.

Heavy workload and tedious repetition


Manual operation is error-prone


Manual operation has certain dangers


MEGAROBO has customized the loading tray for clients, which can realize the feeding, UV inactivation and code scanning of blood collection tubes, check the sample information with the information system, weigh, detect and sort the samples, and automatically transfer the samples to the corresponding test area. The layout of assembly line ensures that the sample tubes are arranged in a 100 well rack, and the throughput can reach 1000 per hour. The whole work area is under the negative pressure of biosafety to ensure the safety.

Solution Strengths

Saving labor cost
The whole process is traceable
Biosafety protection