Automatic sub loading system for molecular diagnostic reagent

MRA-SLD-900 Series

It is applied to the sub-loading process of molecular diagnostic reagents. It has multi process flow, fully automatic integrated layout, and can realize seamless switching among multiple sets of process flow. It connects with the production management information system to realize flexible production of multiple varieties and small batch.

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Background Analysis

Hospitals or third-party medical institutions will receive thousands of samples every day, and each sample corresponds to a different test item. At present, the sorting is carried out by manual detection and checking information on the tube wall, which is error-prone, and some samples have certain dangers. According to the actual situation and business requirements of clients, MEGAROBO can customize the fully automatic solution covering the detection equipment in the later stage.

Pain Point Analysis


Repetitive and boring operation process

The operators need to print and paste labels, spray codes, open and close the covers, and manually complete the liquid sub packaging and other operations, which leads to low professional enthusiasm and satisfaction, leading to frequent loss of personnel


Heavy workload and high labor cost

Five-six operators must work together to complete the daily throughput of 10,000


Large error in manual operation and high error rate


Manual operation results in poor stability of fluid separation, and is error-prone and untraceable


MEGAROBO has designed a loading tray for clients, which can transfer liquid into the frozen storage tube through automatic sorting and arrangement after loading and opening the cover of the sample tube. Combined with the online labeling and cover opening modules, the assembly line layout is adopted to ensure that the frozen storage tubes are arranged in 96 well rack. The processing throughput can reach 900 EP tubes per hour, and the average processing time is only 4 seconds, which is accurate and efficient to complete the client needs and wins the clients full recognition.

Solution Strengths

Saving labor cost, improving work efficiency, avoiding human error and improving downstream client satisfaction
Saving labor cost

Layout of automatic assembly line

Increasing production capacity

Helping clients win industry recognition

1 person

The number of post staff can be reduced from 6 to 1