Automatic feeding system for parallel synthesis reaction

MRA-PSF-600 Series

It is applied to the construction of compound library for drug discovery clients. With fully automatic operation process, it saves labor cost and improves work efficiency for pharmaceutical and CRO clients, and the whole process is traceable.

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Background Analysis

After obtaining the lead compounds, the throughput of drug R&D will be decreased compared with the early HTS (high throughput screening) stage, but the demand for automation will be still very strong at this time. Because the experimental content has gone beyond the scope of microplate and the experimental process is diverse, there is a lack of mature solutions in the market. MEGAROBO can provide pharmaceutical and CRO clients with in-depth solutions to meet their personalized needs.

Pain Point Analysis


The operation process is time-consuming and laborious

The operators need to label and scan the 40ml sample bottles manually. According to the pre-set conditions, various solid and liquid materials with different proportions should be added and shaken evenly


Heavy workload and high labor cost

At least 400 bottles of sample bottles are completed every day. Repeated work is frequent, and error is prone. Multiple teams are required to operate cooperatively, and the labor cost continues to increase


Large human error

Manual operation is error-prone and difficult to recheck. The tracing process is complex and wastes manpower and resources


With its own mature labeling, scanning and pipetting modules, MEGAROBO has developed personalized modules that meet the needs of clients. The labeling, scanning, liquid transferring and shaking of 40ml sample bottles can be completed automatically. A six-axis robot is used to complete sample transfer, accelerating the production process. 96 bottles can be completed every two hours; Meanwhile, automation system replaces manual operation, liberates manpower, optimizes the utilization rate of talents, and effectively controls the total cost.

Solution Strengths

Saving labor cost, improving work efficiency, avoiding human error and improving downstream client satisfaction
Fully automatic operation process

For clients to save labor costs, improve work efficiency, and the whole process is traceable

Eliminating waste

Eliminating the waste of follow-up process caused by feeding error

10% increase

Through real-time monitoring of the defective products, the success rate of chemical reaction is increased by 10%