Automatic filling and production system of biological reagent

MRA-LSF-2000 Series

It is applied to the filling production of IVD reagent raw materials. Compatible with the special sample bottles, the automation of the whole production process is realized. In addition, the multi process inspection is added to ensure product quality and production compliance.

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Background Analysis

In the production of biological reagent, the requirements for product quality consistency and production efficiency of enterprises are increasing. However, limited by the original consumable specifications and site layout, standard automation equipment cannot be used to solve the problems. MEGAROBO provides clients with a complete set of customized solutions on the basis of understanding customer needs

Pain Point Analysis


Repetitive and Boring Operation Process

The operators need to print and paste labels, spray codes, open and close the covers, and manually complete the liquid sub packaging and other operations, which leads to low professional enthusiasm and satisfaction, leading to frequent loss of personnel


Heavy Workload and High Labor Cost

Five operators must work together to complete the daily throughput of 10,000


Large Error in Manual Operation and High Error Rate

Manual operation results in poor stability of fluid separation, and is error-prone and untraceable


MEGAROBO has designed a loading tray for clients, which can realize automatic material management, labeling, code spraying and process detection of sample tube. With the switch cap module customized for its special sample tube, the bottle cap is opened for quantitative liquid filling, and then the cap is closed to automatically complete the arrangement and placement. Using the layout of assembly line, the throughput can reach 1,000 samples per hour, which accurately and efficiently meets the needs of clients and create value for clients.

Solution Strengths

Saving labor cost, improving work efficiency, avoiding human error and improving downstream customer satisfaction
Layout of automatic assembly line
Saving labor cost
Increasing production capacity
The number of post staff can be reduced from 6 to 0.5