MRZ-04 Small Overspeed Robot

A small overspeed robot with high speed, high precision and simple structure

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Product Brief

MRZ-MRZ-04 is a small overspeed robot with high speed, high precision and simple structure, and it can be widely used in assembly and welding of industrial manufacturing, automatic processing of laboratory samples, unmanned retail and other scenarios.

Product Features
  • It can meet the strict requirements of all kinds of application scenarios: Repeated positioning accuracy: 0.02mm and maximum load: ≤ 4.0kg
  • Flexible and convenient operation: 6 degrees of freedom, supporting floor type/ wall hanging type/inclined type/ suspension type and other fixed methods
  • Super high speed: The maximum speed of the 1st-5th axis can reach 560 °/s, and the 6th axis can reach 900 °/s, which is beneficial to improve the production efficiency and save time
  • Project Image
Model MRZ-04
Structure Joint type
Drive mode AC servo mode
Rated load Wrist 4kg
Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4 Axis 5 Axis 6
Range of motion of each axis ±170° 145°~90° -125°~280° ±190° ±120° ±360°
Maximum speed of each axis 480°/s 460°/s 520°/s 560°/s 560°/s 900°/s
Static load torque allowed on the wrist - - - 8.86N·m 8.86N·m 4.9N·m
Maximum moment of inertia allowed on the wrist - - - 0.2kg·m2 0.2kg·m2 0.07kg·m2
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Maximum working radius 541mm
Air piping φ6×2
Application signal wire 10-core
Setting methods Floor-standing / wall-mounted / tilting / suspended
Operating environment Operating temperature: 0°C-45°C
Relative humidity 20%RH-85%RH (No condensation)
Vibration value of the mounting surface: Below 0.5G (4.9m/s2)
Environment resistance Correspond to IP40 (IP67 specification: options)
Cleanliness According to ISO 14644-1 CLASS 4
Noise level 70dB
Dead Weight 26kg

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