Smart Retail

Empowering new retail with robotics and intelligent Internet of Things technology
MEGAROBO is committed to becoming an expert in unmanned retail solutions

In the AI era, the retail industry is undergoing drastic transformations. IOT technology has established a huge network connection in the physical world, which has precipitated a large amount of data. AI algorithm makes the invisible value of the data world readable, available and predictable. Robots and automation technology make the physical world more efficient, safer and more convenient. A new era of smart retail is coming. Based on the accumulation of robot technology and IoT technology, MEGAROBO takes the unmanned retail of coffee as the breakthrough point, and opens the exploration in the field of intelligent retail. MEGAROBO’s smart retail business is committed to bringing collaborative robots, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies into the retail industry, becoming an expert in unmanned retail solutions.

Industry Consulting

From the actual needs of clients, MEGAROBO can provide forward-looking, unique perspective of the industry consulting, so that clients can base on the present and grasp the future trend
Site selection
Nationwide operation
Supply chain management
Unmanned retail solutions
Research and development of special coffee drinks


Based on the technology accumulation in the fields of collaborative robots, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, MEGAROBO provides clients with complete and personal solutions including products (hardware and software), supply chain and financial tools, so that clients can focus on improving their own business. Our coffee retail solutions have been implemented in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities, and have been recognized by many top brand clients in coffee chains, convenience stores, snacks and other fields.

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