Life Sciences

Bringing robots and intelligent Internet of things technology into the life science industry
MEGAROBO is committed to becoming an expert in life science automation

With the rapid development of science and technology and the times, both in scientific research and production, the demands on experiments are getting higher and higher: the requirements of throughput, operation precision, repeatability, safety of experimental objects and operators, laws and regulations supervision are too high to be completed manually. Laboratory intelligent automation is an inevitable trend for future scientific research and production. MEGAROBO’s life science business is committed to bringing collaborative robots, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies into the life science industry, becoming an expert in life science automation, which will provide flexible and intelligent laboratory automation products and solutions for millions of clients such as hospitals, physical examination centers, independent laboratories and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Intelligent customization service of life science automation

MEGAROBO robot and intelligent Internet of things technology provide industry-leading, efficient and reliable automation solutions for drug research and development, in vitro diagnosis and emerging biology.

Typical Clients